Ipsum Credit Advisory work with many of the largest banks, automotive providers and financial service providers within the UK. We also work with the regulated, non-regulated, commercial and utilities sectors.


Ipsum Credit Advisory continues to sell for the UK’s largest captives and independent automotive finance providers. We are situational experts in end to end portfolio sales solutions within the regulated and non-regulated sector. Added value is delivered through our unrivalled understanding of the automotive market, therefore we can build bespoke selling points within the collections and recoveries process that earmarks optimum price return on exit.

Commercial Banking (Financial Sector)

Often an overlooked sector for portfolio sale, however,  Ipsum Credit Advisory work for some of the UK’s largest banks. We pride ourselves in understanding origination, the customer journey and build the most appropriate sale solution based on quantum. Due to volumes, clients within the sector require bespoke forward-flow solutions that reflect their ever-changing book variants and tolerances. Ipsum Credit Advisory fully understand this and carefully craft long term debt sales solutions.

Commercial (Non-Finance)

Business to business portfolio sales are on the increase. Credit Managers and Senior Executives are always looking for innovative news ways of working problematic accounts. With IFRS9, the increase cost of collection (pre-action protocol), GDPR obligation and stretching DSO; there has never been a better time to discuss debt sale. Ipsum Credit Advisory has vast experience in

non-regulated commercial debt sale and can add immediate value to your P&L by building a bespoke debt sale solution.


Ipsum Credit Advisory has vast experience within the consumer sectors including Automotive, Secured and Unsecured. We understand when selling on a customer account that onward reputational risk is at the forefront of any decision to sell. We therefore work with our clients to understand their selling objectives before matching the most appropriate buyer. By offering our bespoke matching service we negate reputational risk and make the wholistic selling experience seamless. 

High Cost Short Term Credit


Ipsum Credit Advisory has operated within this sector extensively. We fully understand the customer journey and regulatory focus and assist our clients in preparing for sale through risk and compliance focused benchmarking. We work on portfolio and/or company sale disposal and guide our client through NOSiA, SNOSiA, Statement expectations and contract fulfilment and dispatch.


Having worked within this industry previously Ipsum Credit Advisory understands the sensitivity around the customer journey and regulatory exposure. Therefore, by fully understanding your collections and recoveries processes we can provide you with a carefully choreographed debt buyer panel that protects your brand post sale whilst achieving optimum prices.

IVA, Trust Deed, Bankruptcy & Sequestration

IVA, Trust Deed, Bankruptcy & Sequestration

It is not unusual for collection departments to switch off when in receipt of a pending customer insolvency situation, as the perception is collection opportunity has ceased. Ipsum Credit Advisory sees this as an opportunity. We work with our clients to cleanse, data enrich and prepare these type of cases for sale. This lost revenue can quickly be turned around into an income stream through spot sale or forward flow sale via Ipsum’s debt sale service.